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Exhibition Stand Design - Tips for the show.

For a long time, exhibitions have been part and parcel of a company’s brand identity and marketing plan. It was in the 18th Century when buildings started to appear for the sole purpose of housing an exhibition.

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In the digital age, with face-to-face meetings and even phone calls happening far less frequently (anything to get out of actually talking to one another), you might have thought that the good old exhibition would have died out.

But far from it. People still go to exhibitions willing to give up their time and attention, and in many cases, are often ready to dig deep and buy. They still find value in touching and testing products and meeting with companies face to face. On ww.exhibitions.co.uk, a primary resource for finding exhibitions to visit around the UK, there are 866 upcoming events currently listed.

At LaCerta, we have organized booths and attended a large number of exhibitions over the years (ISSA Interclean, the Cleaning Show), whereby we’ve seen some really great stands.

When designing an exhibition stand, you need to stand out from the crowd. You are fighting for attention, so you need to be visually attractive. But you also need to make it clear to visitors what you are selling. If they can’t work out in a few seconds what your products actually do, they are likely to just walk past. This is a common mistake made my many!

The best stands strike that fine balance between being “professional yet personable”, or “serious yet fun”. For inspiration, this web article details some exhibition stand design trends for 2014: http://www.eventindustrynews.co.uk/2014/01/14/exhibition-stand-designs-trends-2014/

Props can be a great idea – most common are interactive ‘stations’ whereby visitors can explore the products for themselves. Often, exhibition stands will hold iPads for displaying their website, a product, or perhaps even an interactive game. Good product images are also essential for selling your product – you can’t rely on the crowd trying to spot the actual product from afar! It is also imperative to do some marketing around your exhibition stand prior to the show, to drum up visitors.

For some inspiring real-life designs, why not check out some Exhibit Design Awards past winners: http://www.exhibitoronline.com/topics/article.asp?ID=1367&catID=72