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Our FREE guide - 6 Step guide to marketing to your customers.

Marketing is an area of your business that demands focus and strategic planning.

Studies show that in the last year, the average marketing spend in a B2B product led company was 9.2% of annual revenue, and in a B2B service environment 8.9% of annual revenue. That is a big proportion of your annual sales budget.

And that is most likely being conservative. The largest (highest grossing) companies in the world saw their marketing budgets balloon to 13% of total revenue!

These numbers can vary widely from industry to industry, but to ensure you get the most out of such a large investment you need to market in the best way to your potential and existing customer base, and to your industry as a whole. The rule of thumb seems to be that a minimum of 10% of gross revenue should go towards marketing expenses. So spend it wisely!

LaCerta has come up with a 6 step guide to marketing to your customers, which you can access free by contacting us. This will take you through the basic thought process behind marketing to your industry and hopefully give you a foundation to take away and follow when putting together your marketing plans for the 2020-21 year moving forward. Email us at: info@lacertapr.com to receive your copy now.

As always, if we can be of any help in implementing you marketing strategy, or you feel like you could do with a marketing audit to help see how your business compares to others in the marketplace, then get in touch with us and we would love to support you!