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The CSSA Women's Group Afternoon Tea

We were pleased to be part of the CSSA Women’s group meet up at Brigit's bakery in Covent Garden this week. The new CSSA group has been formed to empower women working in the cleaning industry, and support them in business.

Talk from Charity Safer Places
Talk from Charity Safer Places

It turned out to be a great afternoon tea, with a powerful talk from the partnering charity Safer Places, which supports all victims of domestic abuse and offers them not only accommodation and counseling where required but also a way back into business through courses such as their "TripleR" programme.

1 in 4 women are victims of domestic abuse in the UK, with police forces receiving 100 calls per hour from sufferers. These victims run the risk of mental and physical injury as well as death.

Lots of survivors of abuse will go back into the workplace and the cleaning industry is a great place for them to start and progress their career.

For more information on how to get involved with the CSSA women's group contact Louise or Carly at LaCerta for details.

For more information on Safer Places please contact their website at www.saferplaces.co.uk.