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Celebrating excellence in the cleaning, hygiene & FM sectors.

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Celebrating marketing excellence

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The NEW technology & marketing awards for the cleaning & FM sectors. 

Brought to you by LaCerta, the awards are a chance for marketing professionals, CEOs, business development and PR people or anyone working on exciting campaigns in the cleaning, hygiene & FM sectors to showcase and share their success.

They are a celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout cleaning, hygiene and facilities management. They highlight strategic excellence, collaboration and creative thinking.

Marketing and technology are two exciting areas of our industry that are evolving and developing. The brand new technology and marketing awards for the cleaning sector (or TEAM for short) recognises your hard work and successes.

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Vectair Systems

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- Best Digital Campaign - 2020 WINNER - Unger

- Brand of the Year - 2020 WINNER - Method Recycling

- Best use of Video - 2020 WINNER - 4M

- Best PR & Communications Campaign - 2020 WINNER -

The Floorbrite Group

- Best Sponsorship or Partnership - 2020 WINNER - Vectair Systems

- Best use of Social Media - 2020 WINNER - 4M

- Influencer of the Year / Impact Award - 2020 WINNER -

Susan Cunningham

- Marketing & Technology Company of the Year - 2020 WINNER - Schedule it

Best Digital Campaign

This award will go to a company, team or individual in the cleaning, hygiene or FM sectors that can demonstrate an excellent online marketing effort, helping to drive engagement, conversions, traffic or revenue. This may include a number of digital tools and platforms, such as social media or pay-per-click campaigns. Judges will take into account the planning, strategy, target audience, content, distribution and overall results.

Brand of the Year

The cleaning, hygiene and FM brand of the year award will be presented to an organisation, individual or team with a clear focus and defined mission, whilst importantly keeping their brand consistency. The brand will demonstrate careful consideration to their audience and have a distinct personality. The judges will be looking for the ways the brand identity has been built and how this makes the particular brand unique.

Best use of Video

Video can be used to inspire and create a compelling message. The winner of this award will show that they can translate their story into engaging and creative online or offline content. This could include live action video, interviews and 2D or 3D animation amongst others to create captivating footage.

Best PR & Communications Campaign

Whether the intention is to raise awareness, be informative, or increase a brand’s reputation in the cleaning, hygiene or FM industry, this award will concentrate on the strategic messaging that forms part of the PR & Communications campaign in order to best reach their audience and convey a message. Points will also be awarded for creative thinking.


Best Sponsorship or Partnership

Collaboration in terms of a sponsorship or partnership can be extremely powerful. This award looks at how real relationships have been formed and synergy applied to bring value to both brands. The winner will show how they connect with their target audience through meaningful experiences and where possible, create an emotional commitment to a brand/s whilst maintaining their integrity.

Best use of Social Media

Social media is fundamentally about sharing, learning and interacting with your audience in a digital and fast paced environment. The winner of this award will prove that they have created a human connection and built consumer trust through the most appropriate social platforms, in the best way possible. 

Influencer of the Year

When we think of an influencer, we think social media. However, this award is not limited to social media, but is open to any influencer who has the power to affect decisions in the cleaning, hygiene or FM industry because of their knowledge, position or relationship with their audience in a distinct niche. Industry experts or thought leaders could be considered influencers for their company or brand. This could be demonstrated by follower numbers, by types of content, or by a level of influence. 


Impact Award

This award celebrates an individual, team or organisation that has made a positive impact to people’s lives and the world around us. Judges are specifically looking at marketing strategies and how they have brought about positive change in the cleaning, hygiene and FM industries – whether that is to address significant challenges to empower others to take action, or to speak up on issues that matter.


Marketing & Technology Company of the Year

Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. The award for the marketing & technology company of the year will celebrate the success in the field of technological advances. Technology refers to any science or knowledge put into practical use to either solve problems or invent useful tools. This award will be seeking a cleaning, hygiene, or FM organisation that has created both an innovative and forward-thinking technological product or service and marketed it successfully.


Entries are now closed

Entries open on Monday 14th September 2020. They are completely FREE, and you can enter as many categories as you like.


Entries close on Friday 13th November 2020. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Sadly, as much as we love a party and seeing all of you in person, we will not be holding a physical awards ceremony this year because we want to make sure we all stay as safe as possible.


Instead, we will be announcing the winners online, through a combination of email, social media and press releases.

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Our team of high-profile judges are experienced professionals in marketing, design, project management, technology, production - and of course cleaning, hygiene and FM.

Carly Bishop Head Shot.jpg

Carly Bishop,

Managing Partner,


katy richardson linked in.jfif

Katy Richardson,

Senior Vice President of Marketing,

Universal Pictures

manuella head shot.jfif

Manuela D'Agata,

International Education & Certification Director,


stephanie head shot.jfif

Stephanie Villegas-Ross,

Senior Digital

Marketing Manager,


james maden.jpg

James Maden,

Senior Content Manager,

England Rugby

lindsay barker.jpg

Lindsay Barker,

TV Producer & Director,


Ali head shot.jpg

Alison Noble,

Retail Marketing Specialist



Josh Carpenter,

former UX Lead,


carla headshot.jpg

Carla Dawkins,

Head of Product,


katie bambro.jpg

Katie Bambro,

Senior Art Director,

Mulberry & lululemon


Carly Bishop - Director




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